Do Natural Pest Solutions Work?

Health-wise, it goes without saying that natural pest solutions are the preferred option. However, if the damage or health risks posed by the pests are too high, it makes no sense to stick to these ‘natural’ solutions because then, you’ll only end up having to deal with even more dire consequences in the long run. Plus, it is widely believed that natural pest products are certainly not as effective as the chemical variants. The former also tends to be a lot more expensive, because natural ingredients can be hard to source for. Tackling pests should be your first priority instead of just trying to cut costs.

spraying insecticide under cupboardThe speed and quality of chemical ingredients in most pest control products speak for themselves. Such products have been proven to work over and over again for many decades. Natural pest solutions have only begun to pick up in the recent years, and even then, tests and experiments have not been conclusive. At least when it comes to their effectiveness. It is likely that you’ll have to use a mix of both types of pest control methods if you want to achieve a balance between effectiveness and environment-friendliness. Personally though, I’d go for the more effective, chemical products anytime anywhere.

More and more pests nowadays are getting wiped out with the use of chemical substances, whether in the gardens or inside your home. Ants are some of the most widespread pests around simply because of how quickly they breed. Each ant queen is reportedly able to lay up to 10,000 eggs in a single day. With multiple nests and ant mounds around a property, you can imagine how difficult it could be getting rid of ants. In order to combat ants, most homeowners resort to using boric acid which is the go-to substance when it comes to eliminating most pests. Boric acid usually comes in the form of powder, which latches onto the pests as they walk over it. The properties of boric acid is such that it absorbs the moisture of any insects or pests until they start to chafe and bleed to death on their own accord.